Coming Soon: Mathsong



This is the home of the Mathsong project. We have no files as of yet, but are working on it. Mathsong intends to be a program for generating fractals as art. As such, we hope to make it easy and pleasurable to use as an art program. We are writing in Java to make the program portable to as many platforms as possible. At the moment, we may or may not be giving up some speed. However, we anticipate that increasingly better Just-in-Time compilers will make that a non-issue.

For introductions, we are:

Susan Chambless is a long-time programmer in interactive graphics on UNIX systems with some experience in Java. For the last two years, she has been a Fractal Art fanatic and has a MathSong page dedicated to Fractal art using existing Windows only programs: UltraFractal and Apophysis, but heartily wants to move to Linux. Look here.

Nate Ryan is also a long time programmer, with a lot of experience in Java. His current computer art passion is 3D Modelling, for which he has won some awards. His home page is here.

We work together and so hope that synergy will help to move this project along. Let us know if you have seen this page and are interested in our efforts.